Let's Talk Thyroid
Positive & practical help for those new to thyroid issues
Let's Talk Thyroid
Positive & practical help for those new to thyroid issues
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Hi! My name is Annabel Bateman
I am a passionate and experienced thyroid author, coach and advocate.

Even though I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism way back in 1996, I remember sitting in the car after seeing the endocrinologist and crying, thinking ‘I don’t want to have to take medication for the rest of my life’. I was only 22.

Over almost 3 decades, I’ve learnt a lot about thyroid health and the importance of diet & lifestyle (alongside medication if you need it … I still do).

I love to share what I’ve learnt to help those new to thyroid issues have hope AND a strategy to take hold of your health and start to develop your own unique thyroid-friendly diet & lifestyle.

I follow the KISS principle: Keep It Super Simple.

That way you won’t get lost in the complexity of thyroid health (& it is complex).

You CAN feel better. You CAN regain your life.

My general approach centers around reducing inflammation every way you can.

In many ways it’s simple, but it’s not easy.

That’s why it’s best to do it in community and with support.

I can offer you both.

Use the podcast as a way to get a feel for what I teach, who I am and the experts I talk to. I recommend starting at the beginning for some foundational episodes, then dive into the topics that interest you most after that.

My book, Let’s Talk Thyroid is all I’ve learnt about managing thyroid health well wrapped up in one easy to read (I know, brain fog is real) book. I write like I talk, so it’s very digestible – and full of practical tips.

When you’re ready to implement some changes, consider the KISS program which will help implement the full thyroid-friendly lifestyle I talk about in my book (4 core pillars are Mindset, Unwinding, Food & Low-Tox Living) or if you just want to start with the diet aspect, the Kickstart program is for you. I also offer one-off strategy sessions if you need a plan you can implement yourself.

However I can help you, I’m here to cheer you on towards thriving in your own thyroid-friendly lifestyle.

Annabel x

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