If you’re a thyroid patient looking for some help in managing your thyroid health from a diet & lifestyle perspective then I can help you!

I believe in Keeping It Super Simple (The KISS Principle) because small simple steps can lead to significant lasting transformations.

I offer 3 coaching programs depending on your needs:

1. One-off Strategy Sessions.

2. Kickstart Your Thyroid Friendly Food Program. OCTOBER 2023 – GROUP PROGRAM RUNNING

3. The KISS Thyroid Coaching Program.

Let me explain a little about each of them to help you work our which one might suit you best.

STRATEGY SESSION Let’s have a chat about where you’re at and where you are wanting to be in your thyroid health and help you develop a strategy for the next step in your thyroid journey.

A strategy session can also be used by someone who is on the right track just feeling a bit stuck and needing a reset.

You can use this time to pick my brains too if you need some fresh ideas! Whatever you need…

I’ll teach you everything I’ve learnt in decades in this 1 on 1 8 week coaching program.

We will work through thyroid basics, your thyroid story, the 4 core pillars of MINDSET | UNWINDING | FOOD | LOW TOX LIVING and you will come out feeling equipped & empowered to be the driver of your own health journey.

It is delivered as a mix of 1 on 1 coaching, video lesson and weekly workbooks. I will hold your hand during the process.

This program’s core focus is on making dietary changes that support your thyroid health. Food is a common place for people to start making changes and one where you can get significant results in a short period of time. It’s not the only area to address but it’s an important one.

Delivered via guidebook, journal, food ideas book and daily emails to keep you motivated and on track.


Hello, I’m Annabel.
I am a thyroid health author, advocate, podcaster, coach and the face and voice behind all things Let’s Talk Thyroid, which is all about spreading postive & practical thyroid help.

Since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 1996 I’ve spent most of my adult life learning through much education, trial & error how to live well with Hashimoto’s.

I believe that if you can make simple but significant changes to your diet & lifestyle, you will build a solid foundation on which to manage your health long-term. This will mean you can then spend your money on doctors and health professionals to tweak your specific medical concerns and not pay them to teach you the basics.

I walk my talk and love to help people just like you avoid years of feeling crappy by learning early how to life a thyroid-friendly lifestyle.

If you’re not sure where to start or would just like to get some clarity about your thyroid health, you can book in for a FREE 30 min Clarity Call here.

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