Where we explore all things thyroid positively + practically.

A thyroid-friendly lifestyle approach to help you thrive not just survive.

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The podcast was started back in June 2020 – this is the first episode which gives you an idea of what to expect on the show (although hopefully over the last few years my style as improved!)

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The list of past episodes has become a massive thyroid resource covering so many topics that impact the day to day life of a thyroid patient. Many listeners like to start at the beginning and work their way through the first ‘foundational’ topics and others dive in with a topic that interests them.

I write detailed shownotes – blog style – for each episode so check them out for a summary and for relevant links for each episode.

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Podcasts I’ve been a guest on:

I have had the honour to have been on the following podcasts to talk all things thyroid.

These are Spotify links below but you’ll find them on other podcast platforms too – just search for the podcast name. 

About Let’s Talk Thyroid Podcast

Let’s Talk Thyroid is all about bringing you a POSITIVE and PRACTICAL approach to help you thrive and not just survive.

Bringing together my experiences as a Hashimoto’s patient, interviews with real people thriving with thyroid issues and experts to give us the low down on different aspects of living a healthy thyroid lifestyle, Let’s Talk Thyroid!

Expect discussions on diet, weight management, energy, gut health, stress, holistic approaches, essential oils, sleep, relationships and more.

If you have a topic you’d like to see covered or you have a positive thyroid story to share, contact me via …. hello@annabelbateman.com

Meet Your Host: Annabel Bateman

I started the Let’s Talk Thyroid podcast in 2020 to spread hope and practical solutions for people with thyroid conditions around the world looking for answers.

I have been a Hashimoto’s patient since 1996 and love talking to experts and fellow thyroid patients alike in a quest to make living with thyroid conditions easier for those that listen.


Got a thyroid story/expertise to share?

Let’s chat about whether you’re a right fit for my show. I’m looking for both thyroid experts and professionals and real life people with thyroid issues to interivew.

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