Ep 6. What causes Hashimoto’s?

Jul 2, 2020 | Podcast Episode

What causes Hashimoto’s?


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Thyroid disease is complex. I’ve spent 20+ years trying to understand my own thyroid health and I’m constantly learning, gaining deeper understandings of the connections and realising really how little I know.

When I was first diagnosed, I don’t remember thinking about WHY I had Hashimoto’s. I don’t remember asking what caused it. Perhaps I was just too tired, too young and information wasn’t as available as it is now. I don’t know but I have spent time since trying to figure it out!

It really is important to take the time to go back and work out what the causes and triggers are for you. Otherwise medication, diet and lifestyle changes are like cover ups and not dealing with the real issues. This is why a long term holistic approach to managing your health is really the best approach. 

Given both Hashimoto’s and Graves disease are autoimmune diseases, some of the underlying autoimmune causes and triggers are the same, even though they present differently. 

Here are some keys.

  1. You need a genetic predisposition.
  2. Different environmental factors can turn on the genes.  eg smoking, alcohol, selenium deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency, Idoine intake, Stress, Infections & Drugs.
  3. Women are 8:1 more likely to develop an autoimmune thyroid disease than men.

Dr Datis Kharriazian is an expert in thyroid research and is also in clinical practice as a functional practitioner. I recently took his in-depth Hashimoto’s course through the Kharrazian Institute. This image is his summary of the Triggers for Hashimoto’s and is shared with permission.

triggers for hashimoto's

In this episode of the podcast I talk about all these factors and some practical things we can do to address them.

I will do separate podcasts on each of these with lots of practical tips! So keep listening. 

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