Ep 73. The Health & Healing Coach | Tracey McBeath

Sep 15, 2022 | Podcast Episode



Like so many of my guests, Tracey McBeath (AKA The Health & Healing Coach) is motivated to help others heal as a result of her own health & healing journey.

Whilst Tracey can look back and see a host of typical hypothyroid symptoms like dry skin, hair falling out & poor nails, it wasn’t her thyroid that was the starting point to her turning around her health.

It was insulin resistance and fatty liver both of which can be pre-cursers to other health issues.

After being diagnosed with insulin resistance and fatty liver, Tracey began  changing her diet and experienced much improvement with the help of a low carb doctor.

It wasn’t until 5 years later she  thought she was going through menopause but was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. The next day she started a carnivore diet which she describes as the ultimate elimination diet.

Tracey also started doing the ‘inner work’ of connecting the dots in her past, seeing the emotional responses she had been making habitually and accepted she had choices moving forward.

Much of this work Tracey did during the harsh Melbourne lockdowns which she talked about as being a gift in many ways and lead to her writing a book (see below) called You Only Have Today.

The conversation we have on the podcast explores these different aspects of Tracey’s personal health journey and how she’s using what she’s learnt to help others looking for health and healing in their health journeys.

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Meet Tracey McBeath

Tracey – The Health & Healing Coach lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is a wife and a mum to 5 kids, aged from 20 to 7 years. After doing a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Teaching when she finished school, she ended up working in Human Resources until she had her first of 5 kids. Around the age of 30, she was ready for a career change and became a qualified Personal Trainer. A few years ago she moved into Health Coaching. This is where her passion really lies. Helping people see they have the capacity within, to live the life they want to live.

While she has always been into health and fitness, by the time she hit 40, it was clear what she had been doing up to that point (following the high carb, low fat dietary guidelines) wasn’t really working for her now. She was struggling to lose the 15kg she had gained after baby number 4, and after getting some blood work done, she was also getting close to becoming pre-diabetic and had fatty liver. She was also tired all the time, and at night, she couldn’t stop eating.

Now at 49 she is the leanest, healthiest and happiest she has ever been, because she’s seen what was getting in her way, and she is grateful to have the chance to show others what she has seen.


As an insight based coach, she teaches people how change happens from insight, and helps them tap back in to their innate well-being.

Learn more about Tracey & insight based coaching here.


Connect with Tracey:


Instagram @the.health.and.healing.coach


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