Ep 62. Thyroid healing: It’s an inside job | Stacey Robbins

Apr 7, 2022 | Podcast Episode



It would be so much easier if simply taking a pill would solve all of our thyroid woes. We ALL wish that were the answer. The hard reality is though that it’s not. Yes, thyroid medication is helpful if you need it, but it’s not the ‘magic pill’ we all wish it was.

Instead, my guest on the show, Stacey Robbins says that YOU ARE THE MAGIC PILL YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR.

Living with a thyroid condition is a lifelong journey – it’s a process. What is it trying to teach you? Why do you have a thyroid condition? Why would it be an autoimmune thyroid condition and not just a hypothyroid one?  You need to get good at asking questions.

Stacey is a mindset and health coach who has walked her talk. She was diagnosed at a similar time to me – in the 1990s when there was no Google to research on. There were libraries, talks to go to, people to talk to on long distance (expensive) phone calls.  There was pioneering to be done. Stacey is a thyroid health pioneer.

You body is not hating you. It’s revealing things to you, if you are willing to slow down and listen. This can, like it is for Stacey, be a spiritual process.

We need to be prepared to do the INSIDE work, to take responsibility for our actions (& inaction). We need to take loving actions and we need to be the leader in our own healing journey.

Thank you Stacey for being a true thyroid healing pioneer and reminding us all that it really is an ongoing process. We are different but not done.

Meet Stacey Robbins

Stacey Robbins, CHC, RYT 200 is a Health and Mindset Coach, specializing in Hashimoto’s and is the award-winning Author of several books including You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone: Losing the Victim, Finding Your Sense of Humor, and Learning to Love Yourself through Hashimoto’s.

Stacey’s journey brought her through several years of symptoms like profound exhaustion, pain, brain fog, anxiety, food reactions, and weight gain — when the doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on they told her it was all in her head. After another year of severe symptoms and gaining 100 lbs, the doctors told her that her life was ending.

Stacey eventually received a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s. Since she saw Hashimoto’s as the body being in conflict with its own thyroid, Stacey dove deep into the inner question of, “If my body isn’t at peace with itself, where else am I not at peace with life… where am I not at peace with me?”

Those questions led her on a journey that transformed her life.

Twenty five years later, Stacey’s life is full of education, experiences, and rich wisdom that she brings to her coaching clients. She listens deeply to the layers of what they are dealing with and guides them with high mindsets and practical tools they can use immediately to move forward their well-being.

Stacey reminds us all that we can use everything in our lives- even the painful parts – to create a beautiful future. She is using Hashimoto’s to heal her life and invites every woman dealing with an autoimmune condition to do the same.

Connect with Stacey:

  • www.staceyrobbins.com
  • Instagram: @lovestaceyrobbins
  • Facebook The Girlfriends’ Guide to Hashimoto’s Group



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