Ep 78. Hair Loss & Other Thyroid Hair Problems | Laura Sagen

Nov 24, 2022 | Podcast Episode



Hair loss (whether in big clumps or thinning), dry & brittle hair are common symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. We all love to have thick, healthy & shiny hair, so what do you do when yours is falling out, dry or brittle?

Laura Sagen, founder of The Hair Fuel joins me to discuss HAIR. One of the things I love about this conversation, and Laura’s approach to healthy hair is that she takes a long-term lifestyle approach, which as you know fit with my ‘thyroid-friendly lifestyle’ philosophy.

What is needed for healthy hair?

  • Healthy diet & lifestyle
  • Optimal thyroid health
  • Blood FLOW. Did you know that you have 90-100 000 hair follicles! Each follicle is attached to a tiny blood vessel so you need good blood circulation for good hair growth.
  • Nutrients – A multivitamin, magnesium, iron & omega 3s – but test for deficiencies.

Hypothyroid v Hyperthyroid hair related issues:

  • With hypothyroidism hair loss/ problems come about as a result of not enough thyroid hormones to produce hair follicles. Reduced blood flow/circulation is also at play.
  • With hyperthyroidism, Lauras says the current hypothesis is that the connection is with the impact on the immune system rather than a direct correlation to thyroid hormones.

What do you do if your hair is falling out?

  • DON’T PANIC, take a deep breath and know you aren’t alone.
  • Get full thyroid blood panel done.
  • Be honest about your diet & lifestyle – do you need to make any changes?
  • How is your stress? In particular, did you go through a stressful event/period about 3-6 months ago? It takes about that long for the impact to be shown in the hair.
  • Are you on birth control medication – or changed birth control medication?
  • Join a supportive community or seek other support – talking about it really helps.
  • Start to stimulate hair growth

What do you do for dry or brittle hair?

Same as for thinning hair but also reflect on the 3 s’s.

  1. Stress
  2. Season – what season are you in – weather wise and life season.
  3. Shampoo/hair care – are you using toxic products, harsh management etc.

The Hair Fuel Mask

Laura developed the mask which is now the key product behind thehairfuel.com to help her with her own hair loss, over a period of time in her kitchen using all natural products.

Laura recommends using the mask as part of a weekly self-care ritual – sounds perfect to me!

Check out her discount coupon below.

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Laura Sagen

Laura Sagen is the founder of TheHairFuel.com – a portal about hair growth & hair health, and a developer of The Hair Fuel growth mask.

Connect with Laura

Instagram: @thehairfuel

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