Do you need a strategy for your thyroid health? Not sure where to start or how to get back on track?

Whether you need a listening ear, some support or bouncing some ideas around so you can decide what to do next, why not book in for a strategy session with me?

⭐️ Note: This is not a session where I’m trying to upsell you to an ongoing coaching package. I am happy to discuss my Kickstart or KISS programs and buying essential oils, if you’d like to. Think of a session with me as a kickstart, a re-alignment. If you want a follow up session you can do that, but that’s up to you.

COST: 1 hour AUD$147 | 30 min AUD$85

After you’ve paid for your session, come back and book a time be clicking on the ‘book 60/30’ button below.


I wish there was a one-thing solution when it comes to thyroid health, I’d be the 1st to sign up! It’s just not true.

The good news is that we know the things that do help give your thyroid the best chance of good health:

– Reducing inflammation in every way you can – diet, stress, sleep, exercise, lifestyle.

– Removing gluten, grains, dairy & sugar which are the most common typically inflammatory foods.

– Discover your root causes and address them – this is a long haul approach.

– Eating nutrient rich foods – good quality protein, fats and vegetables (not too many starchy ones).

– Use essentials oils to supplement your thyroid health journey.

– Avoid toxins as much as possible (think skin care, household cleaning products, perfumes, candles etc)

– Medication – find the right type for you in conjunction with your doctor.

-Take full responsibility for actively managing your health. Do your research, try new things, be your own experiment.

– Let go of emotional baggage.

It can feel overwhelming but you don’t have to tackle it all at once. Little by little you can tweak things so you FEEL better … more like your old self perhaps.


You have thyroid issues but don’t know where to start

You want to make some changes but you are overwhelmed.

You’ve been making changes but you’ve hit a roadblock.

Your sick of having symptoms that are impacting your life.

You want to feel better, sleep better, think better and have more energy.

You are wanting a holistic approach to your health.

You don’t want to spend big money on doctors to teach you things that can be learnt cheaper!)

You want to get help from someone who gets it.

You know what you need to do but need some accountability.

Let’s get you booked in and on your way to feeling better.

After you’ve paid for your session, come back and book a time be clicking on the ‘book 60/30’ button below.

Hello, I’m Annabel.
I am a thyroid health author, advocate, podcaster, coach and the face and voice behind all things Let’s Talk Thyroid, which is all about spreading postive & practical thyroid help.

Since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 1996 I’ve spent most of my adult life learning through much education, trial & error how to live well with Hashimoto’s.

I believe that if you can make simple but significant changes to your diet & lifestyle, you will build a solid foundation on which to manage your health long-term. This will mean you can then spend your money on doctors and health professionals to tweak your specific medical concerns and not pay them to teach you the basics.

I walk my talk and love to help people just like you avoid years of feeling crappy by learning early how to life a thyroid-friendly lifestyle.

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