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1 in 8 women will suffer some form of thyroid disorder throughout their lives, yet many of those are undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and/or mismanaged. The thyroid is an incredibly important, yet highly sensitive gland, critical to your body performing at its best, so it needs to be managed well.

Annabel takes you through her journey as a patient, and the myriad of lessons she has learned practically dealing with the challenges of living with a thyroid disease, so that you can get your thyroid health journey started (or continued) well. The experiences of many of her podcast guests provide other helpful insights.

You will learn the basics of how your thyroid works, the mindset needed to tackle change, the importance of unwinding, how food impacts your thyroid and how to reduce the toxic load of a modern lifestyle. It’s not just information, it’s intensely practical, designed to get you started on finding your unique thyroid-friendly lifestyle and feeling great.

YOU              ARE PURCHASIN



Annabel Bateman is a Hashimoto’s patient (25+ years) and passionate thyroid health advocate because she knows what a difference lifestyle + medication (if required) makes.

Drawing on skills learnt in previous careers as a lawyer, life coach, family law mediator and author, Annabel seeks to empower, educate and encourage thyroid-patients to develop their own unique thyroid-friendly lifestyle so they can thrive and not just survive. She hosts a successful podcast, Let’s Talk Thyroid and is the author of the best selling cookbook, What Annabel Cooks: Real food that will make you Flourish.

Let's Talk Thyroid (original title) Kiss & Make Up With Your Thyroid is written for the person wanting to make some changes to how they manage their thyroid health but isn't too sure where to start. Start here.

Annabel uses her 25+ years of Hashimoto's experience, together with the experiences of many of her Let's Talk Thyroid Podcast guests to show you some positive and practical diet & lifestyle changes that will get you feeling more like your 'old self', only better 😉

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