Ep 93. From Graves Disease to Not Coffee Creator: Sila Gatti’s Thyroid Story

May 11, 2023 | Podcast Episode

From Graves Disease to Not Coffee creator.

Sila Gatti shares her thyroid story

In this podcast, I talk with Sila Gatti, founder of Not Coffee about her thyroid story. Sila was diagnosed with Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism) about 4 years ago. She went on medication but after a few years she started looking into other things she could do to support her thyroid health.

As a result of working with a Chinese medicine practitioner, she changed her diet, exercise and gave up her very precious coffee addiction! Sila missed her coffee so much that she and her husband spent month developing a caffine and stimulant free coffee alternative, called Not Coffee.

We cover the following topics in our conversation:

  • The background to Sila’s Graves diagnosis.
  • Symptoms she experienced like racing heart, extreme fatigue
  • Her history of over exercising and taking preworkout stimulants.
  • Her relationship with her body – how she’s make peace with it and started to learn to love her body. Read Sila’s ‘Dear Body’ letter in full below.
  • Her relationship with coffee (it used to be her “best friend” ☕️).
  • The development of Not Coffee and how it’s now helping people who can’t drink coffee.

If you would like to try Not Coffee, you can use the coupon code THYROID20 at checkout for 20% off your first order.

Sila wrote a letter to her body as a way of making peace with it. She’s graciously shared it with me to share with you. Perhaps you’d like to write your own ‘Dear Body’ letter?

Dear Body, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I’ve hated you. I’m sorry that it’s been so hard for me to love you, to love you just the way you are.

I’m sorry for always trying to change you. I’m sorry for telling you that you’re ugly, for telling you that you disgust me. I’m sorry for wishing you were somebody else.

Dear body, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for starving you and for over feeding you. I’m sorry for overworking you, over-exercising you, for pushing you way too hard. Sorry for trying to mold you into something you’re not.

I’m sorry for not nourishing you like you deserve. I’m sorry for medicating you, for intoxicating you, for numbing you. I’m sorry for hurting you, for betraying you, for abusing you.

I’m sorry for having you cut open and stitched back up. I’m sorry for having you injected, stretched, pulled, taken apart and put back together.

Dear body, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that throughout your existence I’ve hated every part of you, every inch of you.

I’m sorry I’ve hated the hair on your head, the hair on your face and on your body, I’m sorry I’ve constantly hurt you by plucking and pulling, lasering and waxing.

I’m sorry I’ve suppressed your sweat and smell with toxic chemicals, deodorants and perfumes. I’m sorry you’ve had to inhale and absorb dangerous toxins into you.

I’m sorry I never thought you were pretty enough, gorgeous enough or beautiful enough. I’m sorry I’ve always wanted to change you, change your skin, your nose, your eyes, your lips, your teeth, your chin, your cheeks, your forehead, your ears. I’m sorry for obsessing over your symmetry.

I’m sorry I’ve hated your breasts, your bum, your legs, your hands, your feet, your belly, your back, your arms, your stretch marks, your scars, your spots and everything in between.

I’m sorry I believed the hurtful things others have said about you. I’m sorry I got sucked in to believing that photoshopped bodies were real and attainable.

I’m sorry for covering you up, with makeup, with dye, with clothes, with darkness, so nobody would see, nobody would see the real you. I’m sorry for making you think that the real you would make people run away. I’m sorry for telling you lies.


Dear body, you’ve always been there for me, even when others have left. You’ve always been loyal, you’ve always fought for me.

And yet you still give me life, and yet you still survive, and yet you still keep going, keep powering along, keep my heart beating, keep my lungs breathing. Yet you keep recovering, keep healing, keep forgiving me, yet you never give up, you’re always there, always on my side, always faithful.

Dear body, I’m sorry.



Sila Gatti

Sila Gatti is the founder of Not Coffee, a Melbourne-based company that offers a coffee alternative that looks, acts, and tastes like coffee but without caffeine or stimulants. After developing Graves Disease and experiencing health issues that forced her to give up coffee, Sila developed Not Coffee as a solution for herself and others who were trying to give up coffee. Not Coffee is a healthy option that offers the familiar taste and ritual of coffee without the negative side effects associated with caffeine. With a background in marketing, Sila has used her expertise to build the Not Coffee brand and grow the business. She is passionate about helping people lead healthier lives and is committed to making Not Coffee an accessible and enjoyable option for everyone.

Connect with Not Coffee:



  • Insta: @not_coffee_

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