Ep 5. Dr Maz Roginski: A Chinese Medicine Approach to Thyroid Health

Jun 25, 2020 | Podcast Episode

A Chinese medicine approach to thyroid health


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Chinese Medicine is the world’s oldest system of medicine. In this episode, I talk with Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Dr Maz Roginski, about a Chinese Medicine approach to thyroid health.

I love that, as Dr Maz says, Chinese Medicine takes a whole-person approach to health, something that I’ve learnt is critical for good thyroid health management. With that in mind, we explore a wide range of topics such as gut health, digestion, the type of exercise that a good for thyroid health, stress, inflammation, herbs and acupuncture.

You may be familiar with the idea of Yin & Yang but I expect you will learn more about how to bring these ancient concepts into balance. Our modern world and busyness would benefit from taking a step back in time and applying some of these ancient Chinese Medicine philosophies.

Interestingly, modern science is now confirming through various studies that many aspects of Chinese Medicine work. This is where Dr Maz loves to practice – bringing all the best of both Western & Eastern Medicine.

Managing stress is so critical for those with thyroid issues, particular those with auto-immune conditions. Dr Maz shares many of the tools in her health toolkit to help us managing stress and reduce inflammation.

Dr Maz kindly answered some of the Let’s Talk Thyroid Community questions about thyroid health & Chinese Medicine.

Enjoy this conversation.

Meet Dr Maz Roginski

Maz’s healing philosophy is that of supporting the individual to regain their optimal health – correcting imbalances and restoring function to address the root cause. Maz was awarded a Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine and completed a further Diploma in Canonical Chinese Medicine, focusing on the contemporary clinical application of ancient herbal medicines. She has also furthered her acupuncture knowledge by training with Dr. Richard Tan and Dr. Wei Chieh-Young, renowned for their methods in pain relief and pain management.

Maz has a life-long interest in health and natural wellness. A yoga practitioner for over 25 years, she has been blessed to have studied with many prominent teachers around the globe, and she incorporates this understanding of movement physiology into her work. Prior to commencing her studies in Chinese Medicine, Maz studied both Yoga Teacher Training and Tui Na (Chinese Remedial Massage), though it was in healing from her own autoimmune health crisis that her path focused upon Chinese Medicine. After personally experiencing the power of Chinese Medicine in her own healing, Maz was driven to immerse herself into this medicine in order to help others regain their health in a safe, effective and natural way.

Coming from a family of scientists and doctors, Maz keeps up with the latest scientific research and developments, and is excited to see how modern discoveries echo ancient healing knowledge.

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