121. Holistic Healing: Stress, Gut & Thyroid Autoimmunity | Libby Munro

May 23, 2024 | Podcast Episode

We are on a stress/gut/healing journey over the last few episodes and I love how this often happens – the conversations follow similar themes from different angles, perspectives and stories which helps to really unpack the topic.
To continue the theme, Libby Munro joins me to share her story of healing her Hashimoto’s and unpack further the connection between how you handle stress, manage gut health and heal autoimmune thyroid conditions. Libby brings energy and education to the thyroid community and in particular is a popular thyroid advocate in the Australian Thyroid Community.
We cover:
  • Libby’s Hashimoto’s Story
  • Taking a holistic approach to healing
  • The role of stress
  • How hypnotherapy can help Hashimoto’s
  • Finding personalised stress management techniques
  • Daily pro-biotic use and the research on
  •  SIBO
  • Specific supplements for various gut issues
  • Heart Rate Variability monitoring for stress management

What is ONE THING you can take away from this episode?

Libby grew up on a cattle station in outback Queensland, and originally followed her passion for acting, graduating from NIDA in 2008. She then enjoyed a thriving creative career on stage and screen, fulfilling her wildest performance dreams, but it took an incredible toll on her physical health.

It was during her time at NIDA that Libby’s health was first impacted by constant dieting, stress, and maintaining the maniacally busy schedule of a theatre artist. She was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition ‘Hashimotos’ at only 25 years old, and so began her parallel interest in health, lifestyle and nutrition. Libby took her health into her own hands, studied her autoimmune disease, and then implemented diet and lifestyle changes – effectively putting her disease into remission.

While working on a film in Los Angeles in 2017, Libby hired a nutrition coach from American company Black Iron Nutrition while training for a very physically demanding role. It was her experience with a wonderful coach at BIN that made her look into a career in health and start studying under Precision Nutrition.

Returning to Australia when Covid-19 struck, Libby completed her study and applied for an internship with Black Iron Nutrition and was subsequently hired as one of their elite coaches. While she loved her 2 years as a nutrition coach, Libby found that she wanted to help people with very serious conditions like her own and has found her niche in improving her client’s gut health, working to put autoimmunity into remission for a broader audience and supporting long term health in these areas.

She continues her passion for acting, most recently starring in Queensland Theatre Co’s 2023 season of “The Appleton Ladies Potato Race”, and appearing in the Netflix series ‘Joe Vs Carol’. Libby also makes handmade fur felt hats with her brand ‘Bluegrass Hat Co’ because she believes that a happy and balanced existence (for her) involves creativity aligned with physical and mental health.

Connect with Libby:

  • https://www.libbymunronutrition.com.au/
  • Instagram & TikTok @libbymunronutrition

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