105. In the Genes: Exploring the Role of Genetics in Thyroid Health | Dr Denise Furness

Aug 3, 2023 | Podcast Episode

Dr denise furness

Title: Understanding Nutrigenomics: Unlocking the Power of Your Genes for Optimal Health

In this episode, I’m talking with Dr. Denise Furness, a genetic nutritionist, and researcher, to dive into the fascinating world of Nutrigenomics. Dr. Furness explains how our genes influence our nutritional needs and health outcomes, and how understanding this field can empower individuals to make informed decisions about their diet and lifestyle. They explore the impact of genetics on thyroid health, stress management, and even Alzheimer’s risk, shedding light on how we can work with our genetic predispositions for long-term well-being.


1. Introduction to Nutrigenomics (00:56)
– Understanding how genes influence nutritional needs and health
– The role of genetic testing in personalised health strategies

2. Nutrigenomics and Thyroid Health (09:24)
– How specific genes can affect thyroid function and metabolism
– Addressing nutrient deficiencies to support thyroid health
– Diet and lifestyle tips for optimizing thyroid function – we cover the link between gluten and thyroid and the coeliac/thyroid connection.

3. Managing Stress through Nutrigenomics (20:10)
– The connection between genetics, stress, and the methylation pathway
– How stress impacts hormone balance and estrogen clearance
– Dietary strategies for supporting stress resilience

4. Unraveling the MTHFR Gene (46:10)
– Understanding the role of MTHFR in folate metabolism and DNA synthesis
– The impact of MTHFR on hormone balance and estrogen clearance
– Testing for MTHFR and other genetic variations

5. The Hopeful Message of Nutrigenomics (57:52)
– Empowering individuals to optimise their health despite genetic predispositions
– The importance of lifestyle and preventive health strategies

Nutrigenomics offers a new level of understanding into the impact of our genes on health and wellness. Dr. Denise Furness provides valuable insights into optimizing thyroid function, managing stress, and even addressing genetic risk factors for Alzheimer’s. Learn how to work with your genes, not against them, to unlock the potential for optimal health and well-being.

Dr Denise Furness, PhD is a molecular geneticist and registered nutritionist. She is a pioneer in the field of nutrigenomics and epigenetics (precision medicine) with 20 years’ experience.

Denise began her career as a research scientist focusing on folate nutrigenomics, methylation, and DNA damage. She has published her work in peer reviewed journals and won numerous awards for her research and conference presentations.

In 2012 she founded Your Genes and Nutrition and began applying her knowledge in clinical practice. Denise has a special interest in fertility, thyroid and autoimmunity (after recovering from autoimmune thyroid disease herself), as well as healthy ageing. She is currently running a biological ageing study, aimed at slowing down the ageing process to improve mental and physical health.

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