Ep 86. Food Sensitivities: A deeper approach than just testing & restricting | Christa Bielger

Mar 30, 2023 | Podcast Episode

Food Sensitivities: A deeper approach than just testing & restricting.

Christa Bielger

In this podcast, I talk with Christa Bielger about a range of topics connected to food sensitivities – whether you have them or not, and how to build your tolerance.

We cover:

  • Why Christa doesn’t always recommend food restrictions if not needed for food sensitivity determination.
  • Things can masquerade as food sensitivities but the root causes can be something else.
  • It’s never ‘JUST’ food that’s the whole problem.
  • Food is a popular place to start as it’s a usable DIY strategy but it’s not the whole solution.
  • Connection between stress, immune system and gut.
  • Connection between food sensitivities and autoimmune thyroid conditions v thyroid function.
  • Gut health issues change how you tolerate foods and can be underlying problem.
  • Looking deeper than food sensitivities for root causes.
  • Are itchy ears connected to food sensitivities?
  • Mold toxicity.
  • Mold symptoms overlapping with food sensitivities which makes it tricky to determine what’s going on.
  • AIP – why do you often feel better? Is it the food protocol or something deeper going on?
  • Gut-brain connection.
  • Signs you aren’t digesting well.
  • Gallbladder and bile production
  • If stress is too high, food restriction might be counterproductive.
  • Adrenal connection to thyroid and gut.
  • When high quality food sensitivity testing can be helpful.
  • Difference between food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies.
  • Leaky gut.
  • Goal is to improve gut and immune tolerance so you can eat more foods.
  • When food restriction can be helpful.
  • Focus on what actually works.
  • Pros | cons to removing foods.
  • Experience is your best guide.
  • Immune memory to foods.
  • Importance of doing symptom questionnaires.
  • Brain symptoms connected to gluten more than digestive symptoms.
  • Getting the best value from your health care.
  • Thyroid Health optimisation – the holy grail!


  1. What is one thing you take away from this episode? eg work on your gut health first, write your thyroid story, explore food protocols.
  2. Get a copy of My Thyroid Story Workbook.
  3. Do you want to do a food sensitivity test? Do a food protocol?

Christa Bielger

Christa Biegler is an award-winning dietitian nutritionist, host of the Less Stressed Life podcast, and author of The Eczema Relief Diet & Cookbook. She helps health-savvy women overcome food sensitivities and fatigue without restrictive dieting to beat bloat, burnout & eczema breakouts. She lives with her unicycling husband & kids in the Midwest. The Less Stressed Life Podcast & Nutrition mission is that everyone deserves a less stressed life without inflammation, food sensitivities and fatigue.

Connect with Christa:



  • Insta: @anti.inflammatory.nutritionist


  • Facebook: @christabieglerrd



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