Ep 66. Stem Cell Therapy: The future of thyroid health support? | Joy Kong MD

Jun 9, 2022 | Podcast Episode

STEM CELL THERAPY: The future for thyroid health support?


Stem cell therapy is still very new in the medical sphere. As you’ll learn from this podcast discussion, it’s still experimental and not yet widely available.
Joy Kong MD says it’s the future of health and will, one day, be a part of regular health management.
This conversation is much broader than just how stem cell therapy could possibly be used as part of thyroid health management – although we do cover some specific thyroid questions too.
This conversation covers:
  • What stem cell therapy is
  • Different kinds of stem cells and ethical considerations.
  • The key functions of stem cell therapy (see below)
  • How stem cells could be used as part of thyroid support
  • Stem Cell therapy research
  • Stem cell therapy in the context of anti-aging
  • How stem cell therapy is administered
  • Benefits of stem cell therapy both systemically and localised

The key mechanisms/functions of stem cell therapy:

  1. Anti-inflammatory
  2. Modulates the immune system
  3. Anti-fibrotic
  4. Salvages damaged cells
  5. Mitochondrial transfer
  6. Angiodemic
  7. Antimicrobial

Please note that no claims are being made by Dr Kong in this podcast.

Meet Joy Kong MD

Joy Kong, M.D. is a UCLA-trained, triple board-certified physician (American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, American Board of Addiction Medicine, American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine). She is the president of Uplyft Longevity Center in Los Angeles, California, where she specializes in stem cell therapy, ketamine therapy, as well as a wide range of therapeutic modalities to enhance overall health and combat diseases in a holistic approach, esp. by enhancing the body’s innate regenerative potentials.

Dr. Kong believes in advancing the field of stem cell therapy through education of both  physicians and the public in general. She founded American Academy of Integrative Cell Therapy, where she provides training to physicians on the science, clinical evidence and safe
protocols in Stem Cell Therapy. She serves as a board member of American Association of Stem Cell Physicians, and a faculty member of Medical Wellness Association (a leading global organization on health and wellness). As a proponent for high quality clinical research, Dr. Kong is committed to originating and conducting such research studies, and is a published author in scientific journals.

In addition, Dr. Kong is the founder and CEO of Chara Biologics, a company dedicated to providing cutting-edge regenerative medicine products in the US and to the global market. She developed the most potent and comprehensive stem cell product in the country with a patent-pending formulation. Dr. Kong was recognized for her contribution to the field of regenerative medicine and awarded the “Top Doctor of the Year in Stem Cell Therapy” and “Empowered
Woman of the Year” in 2019, as well as “Stem Cell Doctor of the Decade” in 2021 by the prestigious IAOTP (International Association of Top Professionals). Dr. Kong’s memoir Tiger of Beijing has garnered tremendous interest, and was named “2020 Book of the Year” from IAOTP and showcased in Times Square.

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