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get all my digital thyroid resources in these bundles.

There are 3 BRAND NEW RESOURCES that I have created recently. They are all in the process of being uploaded onto Amazon so you can buy paperback copies, but in the meantime they are available as digital files for you to download and print-at-home now as part of the 3 BUNDLES SALE.

Choose a bundle that suits your needs best and if you haven’t bought a paperback copy of Let’s Talk Thyroid yet you can add it at the checkout for delivery within Australia.

If you have any questions please email me and I’d love to help you further.

Annabel x



Write Your Own Thyroid Story is designed to help you to reflect on your health journey so far – how did you get to where you are and what are your next steps. There is healing in being able to connect the dots.

30 Day Thyroid Journal was developed as part of my signature program, Kickstart Your Thyroid Friendly Lifestyle, however it has been adapted to be used as a stand-alone journal to support you through any 30 days of thyroid health change you wish to engage in.

2023 Workbook. I have included the 2023 Vision Workbook – which isn’t thyroid related but is the culmination of years of running annual Vision Board & goal setting workshops. It’s a great new year holiday activity to guide you through setting some goals for 2023.

additional items in the ultimate thyroid bundle

Thyroid Love Notes – these are digital ‘cards’ with thyroid-friendly affirmations and activities to do. Having a loving mindset towards your body (& your thyroid) is important for long term thyroid health.

Let’s Talk Thyroid – All I know about living well with a thyroid condition has been gathered into this one book! It is primarily designed to help you implement a thyroid-friendly lifestyle across 4 core health areas – mindset, unwinding, food and low-tox living.

What Annabel Cooks – Gluten, grain and dairy free recipes the whole family will love.

Phone Wallpaper Affirmations – I have turned the Thyroid Love Notes into phone wallpaper that you can download and save onto your phone and use as a daily reminder to send yourself a little extra love.

30 Common Hashimoto’s Symptoms. This ebook takes a simple and practical approach to 30 common symptoms and what you can do to help manage each symptom.

thyroid gift box bundle includes everything!

My Thyroid Gift Box is a luxury gift box for all thyroid patients. Curated to help you feel loved, equipped and hopeful for your thyroid journey.









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