Ep 71. Approaching thyroid health as a kindergarten teacher | Becky’s Story

Aug 18, 2022 | Podcast Episode



Becky is a kindergarten teacher from northern California. She has only recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and has been brave enough to share the start of her journey with us. I love it when I have normal people, just like you and I on the podcast to share their stories. We all will connect to different people in different ways and I deeply believe that Becky’s story will be an encouragement to many.

I connected with Becky through the podcast and my Facebook group and when she told me about how she enlisted the help of her husband and family (she is one of 9 kids!) to with her decision to go gluten free, I knew I had to ask her to share her story on the podcast.

What I loved from our conversation is the way Becky’s has used her skills as a kindergarten teacher to help her learn about thyroid health and teach others (her Mom mainly as a member of her ‘hypothyroid club’

We cover:

  • Key symptoms that made her realise something wasn’t right (severe period problems, migraines, anxiety, depression, tiredness, weight gain, puffiness)
  • The way her doctor told her in a throw-away comment “Oh yeah, and you have hypothyroid” but because her Mom has hypothyroidism too, she knew it wasn’t trivial.
  • How she has tried to get information from her doctors but has felt they talk over her and ‘firehose’ her with information.
  • Becky’s quest for learning took her to books and podcasts (in-step Let’s Talk Thyroid!!).
  • How teaching her Mom what she’s learning has helped them both.
  • Involving her husband and her broader family in her journey has been really helpful.
  • Going gluten free in a family that loves carbs (generational Italian family with recipes passed down many generations!) and where food = love (see tips below).
  • Building a support team.

How to approach thyroid health as a kindergarten teacher:

  • Don’t assume anything.
  • Be ready to learn.
  • Learn in bite sized chunks.
  • Find someone else to teach.
  • We will learn together.
  • It’s ok if you don’t have a question yet – you might now know enough to ask a question, so let’s learn, practise then ask questions.
  • Allow room to learn, make mistakes without feeling bad.
  • Take an experimental approach.

What Becky has learnt about going gluten free:

  • Communicating what she needs to her husband and family has been important.

I said to my husband, I think I need to go gluten free but I don’t think I can do it on my own.

  • Her family have surprised her with how much effort they’ve made to help her.

I was afraid my family would love me with carbs and carb me to death. Instead, they are loving me into health.

  • Role playing different scenarios and strategising ahead of time has been helpful.

I love you AND I can’t eat this.

  • She has ‘Marie Kondo’d’ her kitchen into a gluten free kitchen “I’m sucking up all the love that got baked into these cookies and then I can let them go” (she’s enlisted her husband to help make certain foods ‘vanish’ too!) #teameffort
  • She’s lost weight, is not as swollen, everything works better, her anxiety & depression have lessened all since she went gluten free.

I love how I feel more that I love how that bread tastes.

Thank you Becky for sharing your thyroid story with us – that takes courage.

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