Ep 47. Answers to common thyroid questions

Sep 2, 2021 | Podcast Episode


Here are some answers to common thyroid questions that are asked by people joining my Let’s Talk Thyroid Community on Facebook.

For more detailed answers, take a listen to the podcast!

How do I lose weight?

The largest number of questions asked about around the topic of weight loss. I’m covering this in an upcoming podcast interview, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime,  remember that if you reduce inflammation that will help with weight loss.How do you reduce inflammation? Diet, stress, mindset, reducing toxic load.

I’ve just been diagnosed and I feel overwhelmed. Not sure what my questions are yet!

I suggest you start with ep 43 where I talked about what to do when you’re first diagnosed.

How can I manage my thyroid health naturally?

Depending on your situation you may still need medication – this doesn’t mean you can’t also take a natural approach. Working on diet/lifestyle alongside medications if required is, in my view, taking a natural approach.

How do you find a good naturopath? (Kristine)

  • Ask for personal recommendations
  • Online search – thyroid naturopath.
  • Consider online appointments 
  • Naturopaths I’ve had on the show – Sharon Wilford (Brisbane) Bronte May (Qld), Tara Nelson (WA), Ashleigh Mythen (Melbourne).

Is Hashimoto’s curable – to the point where a person can stop taking medication? Deb

In short, there is no cure for Hashimoto’s as an autoimmune disease. HOWEVER, it may be put into remission and there is so much you can do to FEEL better. 

Can you eradicate antibodies? Nicole

You may be able to reduce antibodies. Some people can reduce them to below the recommended ranges however they may increase in a flare. The autoimmune disease itself doesn’t go away.

Questions about diet…

Do we really need to be gluten free? (Kim)

Yes. See conversation with Whitney Morgan.

How can the AIP help? Allana

Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is an elimination style diet designed to help remove all typically inflammatory foods for a period of time  – no fixed time – but months – 3-6 months is common. Then you reintroduce some foods – many stay out completely (gluten/dairy/sugar).

The AIP removes gluten, grains, dairy, soy, legumes, sugar, eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades (eg goji, tomato, capsicum, peppers, eggplant), alcohol.

What do you when your doctor won’t listen? Deb

What can you do for chronic constipation? Ebony

Know that constipation is a common underactive thyroid symptom that I’ve talked about here and  here.

How can you conceive when you have no thyroid? What is the impact on fertility?

Again, this is a common underactive thyroid symptom.

Thyroid hormones are important for all aspects of fertility – from regulating the menstrual cycle, ovulation patterns, egg release, growth, linking the endometrium for the fertilized egg to be implanted in and then the healthy development of the baby. There is a higher risk of miscarriage too for those with Hashimoto’s.

There is more information about infertility here and here.

How can I help myself be well? Shona 

Fabulous question! In short, live a thyroid-friendly lifestyle… so many of the things that I talk about on this platform may help you feel well.

Which supplements will optimise thyroid health?

You’ll need to test for your individual vitamin and mineral deficiencies and work with a qualified professional to treat your individual deficiencies. Most people with autoimmune issues have Vitamin D deficiencies, so make sure you consider that.

I take the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality for general health & wellness and work with my doctor and naturopath and take a variety of other supplements which change from time to time depending on my individual circumstances.

Is there a genetic component? Do I need to be worried about my kids? Melissa

There is a genetic component when it comes to autoimmune thyroid issues. It’s one of the potential predispositions. If you know you have an autoimmune thyroid disease it’s worth keeping an eye on your kids and talk to your doctor about having them tested if you’re concerned.

Kids can have thyroid problems.

How can I support my teenage daughter (14)? Lyndall (mood, falling asleep, weight, fatigue) and also Lauren asks about  (food, oils, natural approach)

I will explore this in a future episode too, but you can help them manage it in an age-appropriate way – with medication (if advised) and with following a thyroid friendly diet and lifestyle. It will be helpful for them to understand their health (age-appropriate) and why making the changes you are trying matters. Big cheer for you Mums who are supporting teenagers/children to manage their thyroid health. 

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