Ep 48. Alyce Garth’s Thyroid Story

Sep 16, 2021 | Podcast Episode


Alyce Garth is an amazing, energetic, inspiring woman who happens to be, all at once – a mum, a business owner (health and life coach), has a degree in Health Sciences majoring in nutrition and food, a triathlete (represented Australia in triathlon world championships).  As if these are not enough, she also works part-time in the corporate world.

Truly, Alyce is one adventurous, very fit woman, who walks her talk and inspires and supports others to getting the most out of life.

Here are the key topics we cover as Alyce share’s her thyroid story:

  • Early detection and symptoms
  • Medication and intervention 
  • Gut health and diet
  • Mindful eating
  • Setting boundaries
  • Meditation
  • How she managed high intensity training for competition
  • How she is able to use her thyroid personality to her advantage
  • How her thyroid condition impacted her pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • As a health coach, what are the common struggles of women with thyroid and other autoimmune conditions

Meet Alyce

Alyce Garth is a Health and Nutrition Coach supporting exhausted women living with thyroid and autoimmune conditions so that they have the energy to confidently breeze through the day with it out it feeling like a struggle. Her signature approach focuses on nutrition, habits and behaviour change and empowers her clients to take control over their health.  She draws on her extensive qualifications as a certified Health and Life Coach, has a Bachelor of Health Sciences (majoring in nutrition, food studies and health promotion) and she has also represented Australia at the Triathlon World Championships.  Following Alyce’s own challenging health journey and living with an autoimmune condition for over a decade she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and strategies with other women so they don’t have to go through the same struggles as she did.  Alyce lives in Mackay, Australia with her family where she loves multi day hiking, visiting the beach and spending time cooking in the kitchen.

Connect with Alyce:

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