Ep 26. Advocating for Thyroid Change: Denise Roguz.

Nov 19, 2020 | Podcast Episode


advocating for thyroid change: denise roguz


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Denise Roguz is a woman on a big mission: changing thyroid care across the globe by advocating for full thyroid testing and treatment options AND uniting both medical professionals and patients in the quest for personalised optimal thyroid health care.

 After taking 17 YEARS and about 20 different doctors across 3 states to be diagnosed with a thyroid disease Denise was angry, and rightly so! She had the symptoms, the family history (all the women in her family with thyroid issues) and knew in her heart of hearts she had thyroid problems.

Instead of just getting the help (eventually) that she needed, she and another thyroid patient, Michelle took on a mission much larger than themselves. They began petitioning medical organisations, Endocrinology associations to test for the full thyroid panel (not just TSH) and to provide options for treatment (not just synthetic T4). This garnered attention from doctors and thyroid patients around the world, and ThyroidChange.org was formed as a platform for sharing information and to unite people around the world.

In this episode, Denise shares much of her personal thyroid story, the mission of ThyroidChange and how YOU as a patient, can advocate for your own thyroid health.

ThyroidChange.org  is an excellent resource for all things thyroid:

✅ Different kinds of thyroid problems

✅  Full range of recommended tests

✅ Different treatment options

✅ What to look for in a doctor

✅ Where to find a doctor

I highly recommend checking it all out.


To find a doctor 

Dynamic Neural Retraining System

For more on the Brain & Thyroid, check out my interview with Dr Philippe Douyon, Neurologist.

Denise Roguz is the co-founder of ThyroidChange, a collaborative network, health information website, and social media campaign. It unites an international community of medical professionals and patients under the same innovative vision: patients need personalized thyroid care for optimal wellness.

ThyroidChange began in 2013 as a simple website to help patients and grew into a vast international network of medical professionals, patients, and organizations. Today, ThyroidChange empowers physicians and patients worldwide to seek innovative approaches to thyroid care for optimal wellness through a research-based approach.

Together, their community demonstrates the success of personalized and comprehensive thyroid care. With over 110K followers on Facebook and tens of thousands more on other social media platforms, ThyroidChange is uniting the thyroid community worldwide for better care. 

Connect with Denise and for more info about ThyroidChange:

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