Ep 85. Accessing Functional Medicine: The EASY Way to Optimal Thyroid Health | Dr Krista Coombs

Mar 16, 2023 | Podcast Episode

Accessing Functional Medicine: The EASY Way to Optimal Thyroid Health

Dr Krista Coombs

In this podcast, I talk with Dr Krista Coombs about functional medicine and how to apply the principles of functional medicine in an EASY Way to put you on a pathway to optimal thyroid health.

We cover:

  • Dr Coombs personal experience with Hashimoto’s
  • What is functional medicine?
  • The history of functional medicine & how it’s changed over time.
  • The cost of functional medicine and how to get the best value from  your functional medicine practitioner.
  • Getting back to the basics/foundations of thyroid health FIRST (diet/lifestyle) so you don’t spend $$ on the basics but on the expert finessing of your thyroid health.
  • The importance of mindset when it comes to thyroid health, body image, weight loss/gain.
  • Working with your physiology
  • Dr Coombs EASY Way with Dr K course that works through 4 phases to reset your metabolism.
  • E = Eating/physiological, understanding body systems.
  • A = Activity – mental, physical and spiritual
  • S = Sleep/ rest – see link below for access to Dr Coombs sleep course for FREE
  • Y = Yes. Commit everyday but have grace with yourself.
  • Making changes to diet & lifestyle is easier in a group.
  • Immune system has a memory
  • With some foods – it’s not about whether or not your body can digest them – it’s about whether your immune system has a response to them.
  • Hashimoto’s is a gift and an opportunity to make peace with your environment.
  • Have hope.
  • Find your people to be part of your health support team.



  1. Have you got the basics integrated into your lifestyle? If not – get a copy of Let’s Talk Thyroid: Positive & Practical Thyroid Help, looking Dr Coombs The Easy Way program or sign up to Annabel’s Kickstart program.
  2. If you do have the basics down, have you considered working with a functional medicine practitioner to help you finesse your health?

Dr Krista Coombs

Dr. Krista Coombs has been practicing Chinese medicine for over two decades, and in the last 9 years has also integrated Functional medicine into her practice, elevating her ability to help patients regain their health and to truly thrive.
Through her own experience learning to manage a complex autoimmune condition, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, she eventually realized the need for reverence around the fundamentals for health. Ensuring the fundamentals are being mastered is crucial to do either before or at least while digging deeper for answers using fancy testing and while including supplements and medications.

This realization lead her to the development of her online group program, The EASY Way with Dr. K, which teaches the lucky Members how to establish the foundations for healing, in an empowered, low cost way, so that their stubborn metabolism gets reset, weight is appropriately managed, and the body’s varied systems start functioning better and better together as Nature intended. It’s a 4 EASY Foundational Pillar approach to health.

She has seen for herself and hundreds of patients how this renewed focus on the foundations reduces the need for more complex treatment strategies, all giving the power back to the patient to direct their lives and increase their health span.

Connect with Dr Coombs:





Access Dr Coombs Sleep Course for FREE using the code EASY100: https://www.theeasyway.ca/sleep/


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